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Backup Cloud

Backup Cloud protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment

Protect Any Workload

Back up to Any Storage


  • Cloud VMs
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Websites


  • Physical
  • Virtual
  • Applications
  • Mobile


  • Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud, Azure, AWS
  • Your data center
  • Third-party cloud storage


  • Software-Defined Infrastructure
  • Local disks
  • NAS, SAN

What’s New in Cyber Cloud 8.0

Control over all aspects of your data protection that is not offered by other providers.


G Suite backup

Readily available G Suite backup services and get reliable point-in-time recovery, flexible restore and cloud storage options, as well as quick search functionality.


Cryptomining protection

Benefit from enhanced Active Protection, which detects potential cryptomining malware on PCs and stops it, preserving resources and network traffic.

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New product launch

Meet XBANDs' "Data Protection Cyber Cloud". Beginning with this update, Data Protection Cyber Cloud has been renamed in order to reflect XBANDs’ commitment to delivering complete cyber protection solutions.

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

New Native Backup Destinations

Backup Cloud customers can experience even faster backup and recovery times and meet compliance and business requirements with greater ease: Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure data centers are built-in as native backup destinations. Better still, no additional deployment is required and Google, Microsoft and XBAND cloud storage solutions are equally priced for optimal choice.

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

The Dalles, Oregon, USA
Montréal, Québec, Canada
London, England, UK

Microsoft Azure

Central US, Iowa
North Europe, Ireland

XBAND Cloud Services

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Our Client’s Words

We take great pride in delivering on behalf of our clients!

Alexandre BLANC

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"My exchanges with XBAND have always been insightful, cutting the usual marketing stuff and providing efficient solutions tailored to my needs! I strongly recommend XBAND as business partner."