The Valimail Trust Layer ™ validates the identity of email senders, laying a critical foundation for an effective anti-phishing stack

Phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks continue to accelerate globally at staggering rates. Criminals are utilizing a new class of targeted, identity-based phishing attacks to evade existing email filters and gateways, which focus solely on detecting “what” emails may contain. While these solutions are largely effective at uncovering suspicious links, attachments, keywords, and behaviors, they fail to discern whether the senders themselves can be trusted — “who” the emails come from — which is the most fundamental giveaway that the email is fraudulent.

The Valimail Trust Layer ™ validates the identity of email senders, laying a critical foundation for an effective anti-phishing stack. It works on both inbound and outbound email fows by authenticating organizational domains and ensuring that only trusted senders reach the employee inbox. By validating sender identity frst, Valimail defnitively stops modern phishing attacks (exact-domain, untrusted-domain, and open-signup), while eliminating false positives and drastically reducing the threat surface that content fltering-based solutions have to manage.


Authenticates domain identity

Authenticates Domain Identity

Quickest, easiest, and most effective solution for eliminating exact-domain phishing and authenticating trusted third-party senders. Confgures and manages DMARC, DKIM, SPF, BIMI and ARC to protect enterprise and agency domains from being used to send fraudulent email to customers, partners, executives, or employees.

Defends against Untrusted Senders

Defends Against Untrusted Sender

Eliminates inbound phishing attacks (friendly-from, lookalike-domain, cousin-domain, and open-signup) by leveraging the world’s most comprehensive global database of trusted domains. Integrates seamlessly with all major email gateway providers, e.g. Symantec, Mimecast, etc.

Amplifies brand trust

Amplifes Brand Trust

Automates delivery of a customizable brand logo to the customer/prospect inbox on all authenticated mail, helping organizations increase deliverability, drive new brand impressions, protect brand reputation, and control brand consistency at scale.

Private and secure

Private and Secure

Never extracts, processes, or stores email content. Zero risk of data breach. Meets all regulatory and compliance processes: FedRAMP authorized, GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 and Privacy Shield certifed.

Stops all modern phishing

  • Exact-domain attacks
  • Untrusted-domain attacks
  • Open-signup attacks

Fully automated

  • One-click confguration
  • No operational overhead, no DNS updates
  • Bypasses SPF 10-domain lookup limit


  • No blind spots, no AI /ML guesswork
  • Managed, validated database of trusted domains
  • Authoritative, policy-based inbox protection

Flexible, robust, secure

  •  POPs: U.S. West Coast, U.S. Midwest, Asia, Europe
  • FedRAMP POPs: U.S. West Coast, U.S. East Coast
  • 99.995% uptime, fail open
  • No vendor lock-in


Email Security

Stops advanced phishing: BEC, W-2 attacks, wire fraud, spear-phishing, brand and executive spoofng

Digital Transformation

  • Unmatched service identifcation
  • Critical visibility for cloud migration
  • Exposes shadow IT

Brand Reputation

  • Increases email deliverability (10-30%)
  • Drives millions of new brand impressions
  • Improves email reputation score

Risk & Compliance

  • Improves security scores
  • Lowers cyber insurance costs
  • Meets all regulatory / compliance processes