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Award-Winning, Simple, Cost-Effective, 100% Cloud-Based, Prevention & Response Focused, Self-Adaptive, Deep, Advanced Security Analytics

High-Capacity, Scalable Log Management and Network Flow Management

Log Management allows you to process and search an infinite amount of data affordably.

Ground Truth

Data enhancement, orchestration, scoring and full-record correlation provides ground truth and unsurpassed insight. With the ability to record and store all logs and flows, Fluency is more than about notification, it is about answers.

High Capacity & Scalable

The core capability to any SIEM or CLM is its database. Our LavaDB is the industry’s most powerful database capable of processing millions of events per second while maintaining the fastest search speeds.

Compliance & Privacy

Compliance is not just saving everything for at least a year. Fluency handles data in a compliant manner making audit compliance achievable.