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Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk

Take control of your cybersecurity program Virtual Chief Information Security Officer


Our Virtual and Fractional CISO services are flexible tailored solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We listen to what our clients say and gain an understanding of the business and industry and formulate a policy driven plan based on deep risk analysis to better secure their environment.


We rely on quantitative methods to evaluate your organization’s risk. That means that we give you specific answers to your question. We can tell you where it makes sense for you to invest based on your budget and stated risk tolerance.

Cost Effective

We use our and your resources effectively reducing the cost of projects. We deliver fixed price projects so there are no surprises with the measurable results!

Improve Your Security Posture

  1. Lower your organizational cybersecurity risk with expert leadership.
  2. Supplement your team with cybersecurity program, process, policy and product experts to solve your most pressing needs.
  3. Prioritize your cybersecurity investments with quantitative decision making.