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Fully patched and correctly configured infrastructure is key to mitigating cybersecurity risk.

Protection your infrastructure by leveraging the scale of automation. Ensure every system is fully patched and correctly configured by automating these four fundamentals of cyber hygiene:

  • Automate OS patching across Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Automate patching of a broad set of 3rd party software
  • Deploy any software to any machine worldwide
  • Customize and automatically enforce security configuration settings

How does the Cyber Hygiene Platform work?

The Platform Queries and Monitors Endpoints, Analyzes the Security Posture, and Responds to Bring Endpoints to an Approved State Our platform-centric approach is designed on the same principles as that of an operating system. The core (‘kernel’) performs the analytical computations required to detect aberrations and deviations. The ‘shell’ provides the ability to query, monitor and make changes. The ‘user/application layer’ helps transform these computations to support various use cases.

The Platform is built with these four primary concepts:

  • Query the system to get visibility
  • Monitor for changes and aberrations as they occur
  • Analyze the system for risks and threats
  • Respond to fix the issues