Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vClSO)

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vClSO) is purposefully architected to help jump-start your security program. Security is on the top of your concerns, but where and how do you begin? Do you need to hire a CISO and dedicated security team which is costly and requires time and effort to recruit and train; do you delegate your security effort to an existing leader in your organization where they will struggle between many competing responsibilities only to have the effort stall and/or fail; or is there a faster, iterative, proven solution that can be leveraged immediately that comes with security leaders and professionals who can get the job done quickly, efficiently, professionally, on time and within your budget.

We help our clients navigate through the daily reports of breaches

We help our clients navigate through the daily reports of breaches, ransomware and “Zero-day Attack” incidents as well the required compliance and governance that make up the day-to-day operations that can appear as an endless forest of services and solutions that often cause confusion and stall many efforts with the “where do I start” dilemma. XBAND Enterprises provides a laser-like focus to help you assess, strategize and control your security posture. We can help you identify, protect, detect, respond and recover, with confidence, any security threat or incident you encounter. While there is no 100% full proof solution, XBAND can help you to put together all of the policies, procedures and guidelines to protect your business, in addition to having the tools and knowledge to handle unforeseen challenges when they arise.

Empowered by XBAND Enterprises vClSO program

Empowered by XBAND Enterprises vClSO program, your business is enabled with immediate value and accessibility to our team of security experts. Each member of our vClSO team has more than 15+ years of experience as a senior Security Officer and possess both strategic and tactical excellence within in your business vertical. The vClSO is further supported by and has direct access to the XBAND Enterprises extensive security ecosystem for additional knowledge, support and resources on-demand.

Besides the experience and knowledge that XBAND brings to your conference table, we also have an extensive list of partnerships and vendor relationships that will be of immediate value so we can start to put together a security roadmap that is tailored to your needs and fits your budget.

Maturity Assessment

Provide a tailored risk assessment that will evaluate your current security profile and a basic remediation plan

Advisory Services

Assistance to help coach and govern remediation efforts

Program Development and Consultative Services

Project management and other hands on services to help build a sustainable security framework

Managed Services I Lifecycle Management

Full ownership of all strategic, tactical and operations of your security effort

vCISO Services

Maturity Assessment

It all starts with XBAND’s cyber risk assessment:

    • Assess current security profile
    • Develop a risk rating report and basic remediation plan based on your current risk profile
    • Develop a risk report for C-level review
    • Optional: present risk report to your board or C-Level executives

Advisory Services

An XBAND vClSO provides a senior security professional to work with your organization on implementing your remediation plan. You take ownership of the strategic and tactical security effort. We are there to help you plan and make sure the right structure is in place for you to build a sustainable dynamic security framework. We can also assist with any additional planning and research regarding Security Architecture, Application Security,
Compliance, Governance, Data Privacy, VAPT, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and incident response initiatives.

Program Development and Consultative Services

XBAND Enterprises will assume full ownership of your security program and the planning. We will work with your executive team and owner of your designated security resources and will be responsible for building the strategy and tactics for your security framework. We will provide the leadership, project management and the execution that is required to build a successful security program. Once completed, this will be transitioned over to your security team. XBAND can also remain engaged on an ongoing basis to assist in further testing and assessments that ensure that your business maintains the integrity of your security program.

Managed Services I Lifecycle Management

XBAND is your security team. We are responsible for your security architecture and design, Security Operations Center (SOC), Incident Response (‘R), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Business Impact and Risk Assessment(s), quarterly VAPT testing, Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning. The XBAND Enterprises vClSO will be a part of your organization. They participate on all required meetings, will gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and how they relate to the security efforts ensuring that all of your goals are being addressed.

Problems we solve

Business owners and senior executives need to reduce IT
complexity and operating expenses and are concerned with preventing their organizations from becoming the next data breach headline.

  • Rapidly detect and correct advanced and emerging
  • Achieve visibility across the entire endpoint environment.
  • Move from hectic and reactive firefighting to more strategic activities for IT security resources.

XBAND Enterprises provides the Security Operations Center(SOC)and Security Architects needed for a more effective method for detecting and correcting suspisious events across the entire endpoint environment to decrease risk and incident response times.

  • Rapidly detect and correct endpoints that contain
    advanced threats.
  • Aggregate and view data across all security solutions
    and endpoints in real time.
  • Reduce effort associated with compliance assessments
    and audits.
  • Accelerate breach detection and remediation times.

Prevention is the ONLY Solution

A highly strategic cyber security solution that can help stop the advanced threat before it has the chance to invade your enterprise. XBAND Enterprises and Advanced Cyber Security bring you a proactive, security solution that will change the way you look at endpoint security.

NextGen Endpoint Security

XBAND Enterprises and deliver Managed Security Services at scale for front line protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) including zero day and polymorphic threats that evade detection by other security measures. Integration into XBAND Research Labs Platform offers a valuable tool that will help security teams better secure endpoints and corporate data from being stolen.